Hydraulic motors HM series

Unlike rotary actuators, that usually have rotation angles limited to + / - 50°, hydraulic motors allow higher rotation angles. This is counterbalanced by a notably limited frequency performance in comparison to actuators.

Servo2000 does not manufactures hydraulic motors. It purchases the component “ bare bones” and it modifies them by adding servovalve’s manifold, rotary transducers ( usually encoders) and adapters for the mounting of the torque transducer.

For some particular applications Servo2000 has supplied special servovalve’s manifolds that allows the sudden drop of the maximum torque during the test as required from the PC.

In the standard series the load can vary from + / - 50 Nm up to + / - 400 Nm with F.S. angles that can be selected opportunely.

The operating pressure ( 21 MPa or 28 Mpa) is generally reduced through a pressure regulating valve mounted on the servovalve manifold.